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    Expert Faculty

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    CountrySide Montessori School is a an accredited AMI Montessori School, a private school, one of an elite 200 Montessori Schools that is AMI accredited, from among 5000 Montessori schools  in the nation.

    As part of the accreditation requirements, the administrator and Directress (teacher) must be AMI trained and certified. This means that they have to have at least a bachelors degree in addition to the coveted AMI Diploma that one receives after completion of the rigorous and intense training course prescribed by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), which is recognized in 6 continents.

    Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 12.22.38 AMMrs. Gottschalk, who with her husband Bill founded CountrySide Montessori School, has a Bachelors Degree in foreign languages, French and German, plus a Masters Degree in Child development and Family Living. In 2001, she completed her Primary AMI training in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the Directress (teacher or guide) at CountrySide, for the the primary class, and enjoying every minute!

    Mrs. Gottschalk’s career in the early childhood arena spans over 40 years. Her experience includes owning and managing 4 NAEYC accredited child care centers in Kentucky for almost 20 years, having served on the Governor’s Child Care Council in Kentucky for two consecutive terms, a position appointed by two  governors, and having been a NAEYC validator for several years. Ms. Gottschalk was also a part-time instructor at Western Kentucky University. In addition, once coming to Atlanta, Ms. Gottschalk was a corporate executive for two of the largest child care franchising companies in the United States. She later started her own teacher training company and taught early childhood training classes to early childhood staff from all over the state of Georgia. As part of the University of Georgia’s adjunct instructors, Ms. Gottschalk conducted CDA Credential classes in addition to continuing her regular training classes for child care center staff.

    After the completion of her AMI diploma in 2001, Mrs. Gottschalk and her husband, Bill, searched for an ideal location for their small Montessori school. This took almost two years! CountrySide Montessori School opened in 2005 after a long time of  remodeling the existing property. It is now truly a “House of the children,” a casa dei bambini!

    Our assistants, Yanti Blackard and Vivian Navarro are both college graduates and have worked as Montessori assistants for numerous years. Ms. Navarro is also our Spanish teacher who provides Spanish lessons once week. Both of our assistants are wonderful people who are loved and respected by our children and parents.



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