• AMI Montessori School
    CountrySide Montessori is proud to be a member of the elite group of Montessori schools that have sought and received the coveted AMI certification. email:

    The AMI certification is provided by the Association Montessori Internationale and is a certification that very few Montessori programs in the world can claim to have.  In fact, less than 200 schools in the United States can boast this unique honor.  As a member of this unique few, we believe it says something very special about our program, its standards and how seriously we take early childhood education.

    The AMI itself has key objectives which they state as:

    • Upholding the rights of the child in society, and making known the child’s importance for the progress of civilization.
    • Making known the natural laws of growth in order to help the child to develop naturally in the family, school and society;
    • Awakening public opinion with regard to the moral dignity of the child as ‘the Father of Man’, and to make clear the true nature of adult responsibility toward the child as the worker whose spontaneous activity produces the full-grown man;
    • Spreading and upholding the pedagogical principles and practice formulated by Dr. Maria Montessori, which ensure the independence of the child’s personality through successive stages of growth until he reaches full normal development by means of his own activity;
    • Providing opportunities wherever possible for children to develop normally, thereby helping all adults to enter into a new life of harmony and co-operation with children; and by thus unifying the two fundamental phases of human life, to lead the way to a higher and more peaceable civilization;
    • Functioning as a social movement that will strive to obtain recognition for the rights of the child throughout the world, irrespective of race, religion, political and social beliefs; co-operating with other bodies and organizations which further the development of education, human rights and peace.

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