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    Erica Nett, March 3, 2018 

    We have two students currently enrolled at CountrySide. One has been attending since age 3, and is about to graduate, the other just started this past year when he turned 3. We adore this school. The teachers are amazing, everyone is so kind, and our kids have been taught many valuable lifelong lessons while here. I cannot write enough good, positive things that have come from this school and the people in it. Thank you!!

    Arian Bates 2018

    We loved having our child here – Ms Hanne is fantastic

    Brianna May, Mother of BOYS! 2017 

    CountrySide Montessori has been such a wonderful beginning to our sons’ early education. I can not begin to say anything and everything about this children’s house is beyond outstanding! We toured this school along with a few others. The instant I walked into this school I knew this was it- this is where my son would begin his early education. Ms. Hanne is an exceptional woman and teacher and non the less it shows in her school and immediately after meeting her. The children learn to love, respect and be so kind to one another. The school is so inviting, well organized, cleanliness is no worries and the bright lit rooms are filled with indoor plants to purify the air. What a great environment for our children to be in! They also have a bountiful garden on the side of the school where children are invited to help water, weed and care for the plants and flowers. I wish my children could stay there whole school years at this school!! It’s perfect!!

    Alicia Davis, September 2017

    We love this school and feel blessed to be able to send our daughter here. We consider it an investment of the utmost importance. We chose the Montessori method because we wish to cultivate in our children a love of and desire for knowledge, a sense of confidence in their own abilities, and a strong foundation of basic math and language concepts afforded by Montessori materials and methods. CountrySide Montessori School is an exemplary Montessori environment. Ms. Hanne, CountrySide’s Owner and Directress has created a truly lovely, warm, and welcoming work space with the highest quality materials. I love the light-filled classrooms! An enchanting garden surrounds the school and invites the children to observe nature and tend to plants of all types. The staff guide the children through all areas of Montessori curriculum as well as foreign languages, music, dance, and cultures and foods from around the world. There exists an amazing sense of community among the very diverse families of CountrySide students. Parents genuinely seem to love attending family functions such as Family Picnics, Gardening Days, Holiday Celebrations and more. I love going to CountrySide as much as my child (especially on Gardening Days)! Please schedule a visit if you are considering CountrySide or the Montessori method for your child’s education! I was amazed by the confidence and diligence of the children on my first visit to the school. In the 1.5 years our daughter has been here, my excitement about the quality of education she is receiving has only increased. I’ve come to know the staff and am always impressed by their warmth, patience, and enthusiasm. I love to walk into school and see everyone happy and busy, and peaceful. I am unsure of many decisions I’ve made as a parent, but I am certain I’ve chosen the best primary education available for my child.

    Sarah Valpuesta, July 2017  

    In choosing CountrySide for your child’s early education, you are promoting a love for learning that is unparalleled.

    The environment of the school allows children to unlock their creativity and talents while also giving them structure, challenging lessons and the foundation to collaborate with their peers. My oldest daughter recently graduated from Kindergarten at CountrySide and my 3 year twins started attending the school in the spring. We are grateful to Ms. Hanne and all the wonderful teachers for providing a nurturing and unique environment in which our daughters thrive, truly an exceptional school!!

    Chrystal Grafenreed, July 2017  

    CountrySide has been an invaluable experience for our son. The atmosphere is loving and patient while teaching the importance of respect and responsibility in many areas. In searching for the best learning environment for our child, we knew instantly that this was the place for him. It felt like home. The school is very well-kept and the grounds are beautiful. We are forever grateful to the staff at CountrySide Montessori School for their contribution to our child’s early growth and development.

    The team at CM are wonderful. If you’re seeking “day care” I’d recommend elsewhere. If you’re considering to open your child’s world through social development and one-on-ones, then there’s a good chance he/she will be enlightened by counting, learning their abcs, communication, or even linguistics while here. My 3yo’s soft skills this past year have been well reinforced at home and while attending, and I truly believe his imagination, courtesy, respect and manners have improved exponentially as a result. The premise is also a plus: a garden with real vegetables, well maintained backyard w/ jungle gym, and clean and tidy environment. We have been blessed to find this place.

    Rustic Firefighter, 2017 

    CountrySide Montessori is by far the most amazing school I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Only a few minutes into our tour, my husband and I knew this was the place for our daughter. After studying early childhood education for years, I have been able to visit, work in, and volunteer in various schools for young children. Never before have a I seen such a wonderful, caring and clean environment. The classroom is always organized and inviting for students. We are in our second year at CountrySide and my daughter even asks to see her and go to school on the weekends! We are beyond satisfied with the progress we have seen in our daughter over the past year. I can’t wait to watch her continue to grow. Thank you to Ms. Hanne and her amazing staff for going above and beyond for our kids every day!

    Tara Jones   December 2016   

    This school is unlike any other you will experience for your child! A beautiful, well maintained, safe setting where they learn and respect each other. I encourage anyone reading this to visit the school during an open house or set up an appointment with Ms. Hanne. We only looked at this school when we began our process and knew IMMEDIATELY this was THE PLACE. Our child enjoys going here and we have seen several things the school is teaching him that are wonderful and he is only 2 and a half. Could not say enough great things about this school and their staff. We love it here!!!!!!

    After meeting Ms. Hanne and touring her beautiful classroom, I knew this was the perfect setting for my son. I have been nothing short of amazed at the staff, the activities, the events, the organization, and cleanliness at this school. My son is learning many practical life skills and he is developing a love for learning that will benefit him throughout his life. We consider ourselves extremely blessed to attend Countryside Montessori!


    Mrs. Hanne runs a terrific Montessori. All of the teachers are wonderful and caring. Our son made constant academic and social progress in the 3 years that he attended. We highly recommend CountrySide! We miss the CountrySide community now that Luke has graduated.

    This is the greatest little school! Our son has really come alive since starting at Countryside. The teachers are very warm and caring, and we get daily feedback about the progress our son is making, and what he is interested in so that we can take part in his education. The atmosphere is bright and cheerful, but feels calm and safe so that the children feel at ease. Our son was very shy when he started, and he has really come into his own and opened up both in and out of school. His confidence shines! The summer camps are really great too! So many fun activities and art projects! The only downside is that this school doesn’t go through 12th grade.


    Brooke Wilburn, December 2016  

    CountrySide Montessori has been a wonderful experience for our son. We are so excited and pleased with his intellectual and social growth since he has started. His level of confidence and independence has greatly increased at school as well as at home. I love that he comes home talking about the continents and that he wants to help me fold towels. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Mrs. Hanne. She provides a very clean, safe, and engaging learning environment. I truly have a sense of peace when my son is at school, knowing that he is being well cared for and challenged to learn and grow to be the best that he can be. She is very diligent with communicating to the parents. We receive monthly newsletters and pictures as well as weekly updates (this never happened at my son’s previous school). I also always know what kind of day my son had. Many opportunities for family involvement are provided throughout the year, such as picnics, gardening days, parents/grandparents days and curriculum nights. We are truly blessed to have found this gem of a school. I very highly recommend CountrySide Montessori.


    We are so glad we found this jewel of a Montessori school tucked away in Dacula/Auburn area. After finding out that not all Montessori schools are licensed and accredited by AMI, we began to search for a new school after our daughter’s first year at a non-accredited Montessori school. Ms. Hanne is the crown jewel and Directress at CountrySide. With her husband, Mr. Bill, they own and operate the most professional and homelike school we have ever experienced. Ms. Hanne and all the teachers and assistants at the school are so warm, patient and inviting toward the children that we feel lucky to have our daughter attend this school everyday. We know that Ms. Hanne will give our daughter the best possible foundation on which to build her life during these critical developmental years. There are other schools in the area that are accredited and offer the same type of curriculum and even cost around the same price, but none of them have Ms. Hanne. She is the reason this school rises above all the others. If you are able, you should not pass up the chance to send your child to THE most amazing Montessori teacher we have ever met. Thank you Ms. Hanne & Mr. Bill for being so passionate about the children. It takes a special person to do what you do and I know I speak for all the parents when I say that we truly appreciate everything you do. THANK YOU!


    Meredith McClean, August 2015    

    Ms. Hanne runs an outstanding school! She is very passionate about education and the Montessori method. All of her support staff are equally as caring and committed to enriching and supporting each student.

    My child attended CountrySide Montessori for pre-K and Kindergarten and flourished under the individual attention the teachers gave her. Ms. Hanne keeps parents very involved in the daily activities of their children and strives to maintain a real community with both the children and all the parents. There are several opportunities each month for parents to join their child(ren) at the school for gardening days, curriculum nights, and presentations on everything from science and health to cooking and international culture, just to name a few!

    Ms. Hanne lets her students explore their interests and uses those interests to teach math, reading, writing, etc. Ms. Hanne also lets her students freely express themselves and she and her staff really focus on each child’s individualism and their unique and special talents. Also, Ms. Hanne and her assistants teach manners, getting along with others, consideration, and respect. They expect harmonious behavior from their students.

    I will be registering my other daughter at CountrySide as soon as she is old enough. I believe Ms. Hanne and her staff had such a positive impact on my daughter that will last a lifetime. My daughter loves them so much that she still attends summer camps there as well!


    Natalie Chapman, June 2015  

    My son will be 4 next month and has been at CountrySide since he was 2.5. We have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the experience of being part of the Countryside family and plan to continue through the program. I believe that attending CountrySide has helped my son to develop discipline as well as creativity, manners, and interpersonal skills. I have been incredibly impressed by the development throughout his time at the school, as well as the teachers and administration to each of the students individually. I look forward to continuing being a part of CountrySide!


    Chris and Helen Birkle, June 2015    

    5 stars. Our son had been to a few other “preschools” before we found Mrs. Hanne and  her CountrySide Montessori School in Dacula. The warm, friendly environment and their way of nurturing young minds with practical experience, respect, and common sense, is above all others.

    As a result, the normal bicycle-riding, skate boarding, race car loving boy communicates well with adults, is respectful of others, and started grade school way ahead of the curve; he helps others struggling in class, is on the honor roll and received a science reward. Thank you again, Chris and Helen


    The Suiter Family, September 2014    

    Both of our children attended the full 3 year program at Countryside Montessori. The Montessori environment helped them develop a love of learning that has carried far beyond graduation day. Not only did they learn a great deal of the foundations for learning – math, reading, writing, science, and geography, they also learned a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, and a sincere appreciation for aesthetics – the beauty of flowers and the world around them. The added bonus of learning foreign languages has only encouraged them to want to learn more. My children have both easily transitioned into public schools for their elementary years. Countryside and Mrs. Hanne will always be special to our family. The Suiter Family


    Aimee Born Peters, August 2014    

    We were actually going to register our 3.5 yr old at another local Montessori, but after getting some negative reviews there, and exploring alternate options, we found Countryside to be very refreshing! They not only eagerly answered ALL of our questions and doubts, but provided 2 pages or references with the application. So thorough, organized and structured, while still providing a warmth and hospitality that made you feel you were “coming home”. My daughter – who’s VERY cautious and never takes to strangers – walked in on her 1st day and has loved it EVERY day so far! What a relief to see her thriving and learning with her hands, at her pace, being challenged and yet learning self-discipline all at the same time! We’re very excited for this to be her home for the next 3 years!

    I am so pleased to find that Countryside Montessori has surpassed my definition of what a “Preschool” can do for a child. The feedback from the Directress and teachers is astounding, including personal emails, photos of how my child is doing each week, and the self-confidence I have already seen blossom in my 3-yr old is remarkable, especially for going from a school which she loved, into this new environment. Their reference list was very lengthy, and every family I’ve spoken with GUSHED about the amazing growth and brilliance their child grew in here. I’m totally blown away by the INTENTION of their education program, as well as their understanding of how a small child really learns!


    Kenneth Grafenreed, June 2014    

    Our son has only been here for a week but the staff has been very patient and helpful with his first experience away from us. They have really put our fears at ease. We look forward and are hopeful for many fun years here!


     Jessica Cooney, 2013    

    Countryside Montessori has been the most amazing experience for our entire family. We have been in awe of the intellectual and social growth of our oldest child (age 5) since his enrollment and are thrilled that we have found such an amazing place for our other two children when they are old enough. It is clear that Ms. Hanne and her staff care very deeply for the children and their growth as independent, global thinkers. The children are surrounded by interesting and inviting learning opportunities each day including but not limited to traditional Montessori lessons (which is a fascinating learning ideology I encourage all to learn more about). There is an environment of mutual respect between teachers and students and to watch the benefits of that interaction come home each day, makes this mother very happy. I very highly recommend this school!


    Mark Titshaw and Tracy Cook, 2013    

    We have had a wonderful experience at CountrySide Montessori. Our daughter loves the school and her teachers. The quality of education she is receiving along with practical life experience is unbelievable. The owners of CountrySide welcome the parents at any time to come to the school and observe the children. They also have curriculum nights which are for parents to attend and learn what and how your child is being taught. We can’ t say thank you enough to the owners and teachers of CountrySide Montessori. We would highly recommend this school to anyone considering a local Montessori School.


    Sarah Jane Harvey, 2013    

    We went on a search for a new preschool program last year after and had heard so many wonderful things about CountrySide we put it on our list of schools to visit. After a long day of visits we stopped in CountrySide and immediately knew this was the place for our child. Everything from the setting of the school, the cleanliness, the highly qualified staff and so on were instant pro’s for our family. Ms. Hanne, the directress is truly a one of a kind educator who pours her heart and knowledge into these young minds fostering an extraordinary growth socially, emotionally, and academically in her students. I could never say enough positive things about CountrySide Montessori. Our little girl has grown exponentially under the guidance of the wonderful staff at CountrySide. Her desire to learn and discover new things has sincerely laid the path for her future success. We are so thankful we discovered this rare gem in CountrySide Montessori.

    Jacky Arias (Dora), 2013    

    Sra. Hanna, Ha sido un maravilloso super con nosotros, sobre todo con mi Janaleigh, que ella ha compartido 3 años maravillosos de su vida, Janaleigh experiencia de aprendizaje ha sido increíble aprendido de 3 idiomas diferentes ha explorado el mundo ha aprendido varios aspectos de las diferentes culturas del mundo, ha compartido con sus compañeros para respetar el uno al otro y nos encantó hacer otras actividades artísticas en conjunto para explorar la naturaleza .. Sra. Hanna ha sido la conducción aprendizaje de Janaleigh y estoy muy agradecida con todo mi corazón por todo su apoyo y orientación y ayuda de ella con mi amada Janaleigh para crecer y explorar su inteligencia. Gracias Sra. Hanna y Bill señor de las cosas que haces por nosotros te queremos mucho! Janaleigh Aguirre Jacky Arias (Dora)
    • • •

    Kandice Jutis, December 2012    

    I knew there was something different about CountrySide Montessori the first time I toured this wonderful little school. It is located on a nature preserve where the children participate in gardening activities. They even incorporate fresh fruits and veggies into their snacks. No sugary or unhealthy foods permitted here. The school has an open airy sort of feeling where curiosity, independence, and respect for others is fostered among the children and teachers. My children are excelling in reading, writing, math, geography, and are learning multiple languages. I only wish every child had the opportunity to receive this type of education. I highly recommend taking a tour of the school to see the difference.


    Diago Family, July 2012

    Ingram Family, December 2011

    Brewer Family, May 2011

    Nicol Family, May 2011

    Kelly Moreno, 2010    

    You know that we have to pass CountrySide every day to and from school, and Mateo tells the whole car of kids at least once a week,”that is my old school!” And usually once a month he asks if he can go to visit and teach the children!!!

    Let me tell you what a super kid he is becoming. He is excelling in school like you will not believe. Just last week he was accepted into the FOCUS program. this news came after two solid weeks of testing. He did well enough on the COGAT test taken in September, and just before the holiday break I received a letter asking my permission tp proceed with further testing. Well, we got the results on Thursday of last week, and he did superb! He scored a 99% on the Ottis Lnnon School Ability (Mental Abilities), a 97% on Iowa Test of Basic skills (Achievement), and 98% on motivation. He begins the program this week!Mateo! We are so blessed to have a wonderful school like CountrySide for Mateo to begin at! Oh, by the way, he is now reading at a level comparable to the end of the 4th grade!

    John, 2010    

    Our two children have had an absolutely amazing experience at CountrySide over the past 3+ years. Their level of reading is wonderful, and most importantly, their compassion toward the other children speak volumes as to the true character development that takes place in the classroom. I’ve observed and volunteered in the classroom many times and find it to be very well run environment, with both my children excelling beyond my expectation. The owner goes over and beyond what I pay for and had a genuine love for the children and the school that I’ve never seen before. Can’t say enough good things about the school!

    Ingrid and Nia Scott    

    When my daughter, Nia-Marie, first attended CountrySide Montessori, she was shy and hesitant to branch out. In less than 6 months, I watched with amazement as Nia blossomed into an expressive, inquisitive, and outgoing child. It seemed that she surprised me every day with what she learned and asked thought provoking questions. She takes pride in mastering new concepts and seizes every opportunity to correct her 11 year old sister’s geography errors! Her social skills and sense of community are profound and wise beyond her 5 years. The foundation laid by CountrySide has provided Nia with a truly  positive experience. As a result, she continues to love learning, discovering and respecting others. Thank you to all members of the CountrySide family – we will never forget you!

    Abha and Munish, 2oo8   

    Our daughter has attended CountrySide Montessori School for the last three years and we cannot be more pleased with the education she has received.  CountrySide Montessori is true to the spirit and letter of Maria Montessori’s approach. Add to that excellent teachers, student freedom with responsibility and discipline, good parent-teacher communication, an emphasis on the importance of daily nutrition, and personal attention when needs arise. We are also pleased that the school gives parents opportunities to be exposed to the Montessori approach and learning the specific lessons that children are being taught. We are confident that you will be impressed with CountrySide Montessori as we have been. Visit the school, observe the classroom, and speak with the teachers and you will learn how different CountrySide is from amy other schools that are “Montessori” in name alone.

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