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  • From Oceans to the Solar System!

    From Oceans to the Solar System!

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    From studying Oceans,  the habitats for  spectacular and amazing species and creatures, ocean fauna, ocean explorations like the Kon Tiki raft, to space exploration, we covered much ground for two weeks! The children made Mars rovers with recycled items, recreated the planets, made their own individual constellations, fashioned their Planet Earth sculptures, and made space crafts, ready to explore the universe! We also gardened, played outside under the shady branches of our beautiful Pecan tree, and finally enjoyed ice cream with berries and whipped cream, a special end-of summer -program treat for all! We hope to have inspired our children to explore our amazing earth’s oceans and our vast, mysterious solar system! Everyone had so much fun, and there was never a dull moment! We thank all parents who supported our wonderful summer program!


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